The Great Habbo Raid of 2008 was the third annual raid conducted by the /b/lockers, centering on Canada. The raid was highly successful (considering that nearly all the Nigras were banned by the racist mods), and 4chan won yet again.

July 11, 2008Edit

On this day, a few newfags raided early, due to hype. They were successful until they decided that a SwastiGET was to be formed, despite their low numbers. They were subsequently defeated by the racist mods.

July 12, 2008Edit

On this day at 5:00 pm, the official raid begun. As always, newfags went early. The pools were eventually closed by the nigras, accompanied by the famed SwastiGET. The raid continued for a few more hours, until the racist mods struck back. They struck down the heroes that were warding AIDS and stingrAIDS, but their message got across: Pool's Closed.

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