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September 18, 2004

SmoothCriminal is an administrator, and a co-manager, of the English-speaking Habbo Hotel. SmoothCriminal has moved to .Before all the English-speaking hotels merged, he was an administrator at Habbo US. For some reason, he feels that it is necessary to clarify that he's not a real criminal, and that he's simply a Michael Jackson fan. If visiting his Habbo homepage, be careful if you have an older computer because it is a cluttered mess of animated GIFs and may slow your computer down. In addition to being racist against black people, SmoothCriminal also appears to be racist against Asians because he mocks the way they speak on his userpage. Judging by his WTF(riday) answers, he is also an arrogant douche who, like the previous manager CrestHawk, finds his own jokes funny. Also like CrestHawk, his jokes make Carlos Mencia look like George Carlin. -please note SmoothCriminal was fired along with Fozzie October 10th, 2011 and replaced with Neja. He was gay.

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