A 'nigra' is commonly referenced and associated as a Habbo raider from the popular site A nigra is built with the Habbo character creator with dark skin, big afro, and a full suit. During the upcoming raids, the nigra skin will be most commonly found on Habbo.

Source of the Nigra SkinEdit

The first ever appearance of the nigra skin was during the July 2006 raid (commonly refered to as The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006) on 12 July 2006, carried out by the 4channers of /b/, commonly refered to as "/b/tards". The nigra skin was highly prohibited, as the fact that Habbo was racist even before the raid caused the raid.

Memes Surrounding the Nigra SkinEdit

During 2006 and now, the Habbo raids were a huge hit; but no internet fad goes without a meme to go along with it. During all the craziness of the first raid, the first ever meme appeared on the internet with a character with the same characteristics of the Habbo raiders and the meme font on the bottom stating "POOL'S CLOSED". With this meme, many were to go along with it. Now that a new fad on the internet was created, people started roleplaying the character we all know by now. And thus, the genius internet meme was brought to life and carried to every. Single. Room. In the Habbo Hotel.

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