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The fact that Habbo is racist was first revealed shortly before the very first raid on Habbo, when Habbo moderators unnecessarily banned a large amount of users with African American avatars. We raided them dressed as black men with Afros wearing gray suits, known as Nigras, to help combat this racism, as well as to warn the Habbo users that the pool has AIDS. Today, most MODs ban a Nigra on sight, even if that Nigra has done nothing wrong.

Specific examplesEdit

  • Once, a player encountered a Habbo moderator known in-game as MOD-SolidState. The player made a harmless comment about MOD-SolidState's avatar and received a racist ban.
  • In another case involving MOD-SolidState, he Shockwave banned a walking Nigra for "blocking".
  • When banned, you are nearly always given a reason as to why you were banned. Sometimes, blatantly racist ban reasons are given. Two examples are getting banned for "NIGGER perma-ban" and "being black".
  • Habbo advertisements usually do not feature any black people. When they are featured, they're usually subtly degraded such as a "Habbolympics" (translation: fail Olympics) advertisement with a black person coming in last place behind two white people (see below for an image of that).
  • Habbo staff members sometimes say racist things in between their usual shit-spewing. An example would be CrestHawk saying "I said niggers are coal" (see below).


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