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Afroduck is the leader of all Nigras. He watches over good Nigras and protects them from AIDS and the banhammer. He rewards good Nigras with fried chicken and watermelon, but punishes the fake Nigras by sending them into the AIDS pool. In order to summon Afroduck, a Nigra must sacrifice his Afro and stand behind the duck statue at the pool. Be warned, though, MODs have been known to ban innocent Nigras while they are standing behind the duck statue forming Afroduck. They say that these bans are for blocking, but we all know the real reason.

How to makeEdit

  • Start at the corner wall tile above Afroduck.
  • Then click the bottom middle part of the duck (not the stand).
  • Don't dance. This is important because a shaking Afro is a fail Afro when Afroduck is involved.
  • ???
  • Profit

False IdolsEdit

False Afroducks have occasionally been spotted. There are a few variants, but the two most common appear to be Blood Duck and YTMNDuck.

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