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November 5, 2009

Abby327 is a lolcow Habbofag who was encountered by the creator of this wiki in the Star Lounge. Trolling her can be a lulzy experience. She joined Habbo on November 5, 2008.


Trolling Abby327 is extremely easy and lulzy. Simply troll another Habbofag and Abby will jump to the defence of that Habbofag. When she does, explain to her that it's funny and that will enrage her. Once she's enraged, shift from the Habbofag to her. Almost immediately, she will attempt to run away from you. When she does, pursue her relentlessly. No matter how long it takes, never stop chasing her. Sometimes, other Habbofags will come to her aid. The creator of the Pool's Closed Wiki, Lord Oblivion, spent an hour and 45 minutes chasing her. She will beg for help, but most people simply ignore her. Early on, she'll try different, immature ways to make you stop such as "if u follow me again it means u like me".

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